That Little World with my Sisters

Being the first born in an Asian family means a lot of responsibilities. I am the eldest and I have two sisters. We were all born two years apart from each other. I remember, when we were kids, one of my main responsibilities is to teach my sisters. My mom expects that I will help them with their homework, teach them how to read, write and help them with their maths. Whenever my sisters do not know something about a topic in school, my mom would always say “paturo ka sa ate mo” (ask your eldest sister to teach you). I hated it because when you are a kid all you want is to play outside or watch TV but unlike other kids, I am there acting as my sisters private tutor.

Me and my sisters 16 years ago. I (middle) was 12, Lady(left) was 10 and Chevy(right) was 8.

One of the things, that my mom is so obsessed with, is for us to be together ALL THE TIME when we were kids. There are so many occasions when I wish I can go to school and go home with my friends like most students do. But I never did. Mom wants us to go to school together even it means getting to school late because one of us doesn’t wake up on time. After school, we always wait outside each others’ classroom and ride home together. If there are school activities, my mom always says that we should accompany each other and I should be looking out for my sisters while at school.

Funny story about this photo is that me and Lady is already late to school but Mom still wants to take more photos of us so she can use all the film before sending it to photo shops to be printed. We both came late to school. Our teachers aren’t happy. But I guess, that is a memory now where no one cares anymore but this photo still brings us smile.

My mom also hates it when we fight. She always scolds us and blames me most of the time when I fight with my sisters and tells me that I’m the eldest so I should be patient, understanding and giving to them. One thing she does for us not to fight over certain things is to buy us similar stuff, especially me and Lady since our ages are closer to each other. We both grew up having same clothes, same bags, same shoes, etc. If we are lucky we can have it in a different colour otherwise it is very much alike. That is why some people thinks we are twins. One day, we went to school but grabbed each others bag instead. We only found out when we opened the bag and saw each others names on the notebooks. When I found out about it, Lady is already outside my classroom, frowning and annoyed while carrying my bag. This story cracks us up every time we remember it.

I grew up sharing same bedroom with them. So we always sleep together and talk about things happen in school or about this show we watched on TV. We always laugh a lot before we sleep but sometimes we end up fighting. We were always asked to share each others stuff because we are sisters. I used to think that if I don’t have sisters then I do not need to share things with anybody and I can have my own. I wished I’m an only child.

As we grow up, things changed little by little. Our fights became lesser. They started to read and study by themselves that I don’t have to teach them every time. We eventually had different school times so that we have to go to school and go home alone or with friends. We started to have our own stuff. But one thing is left unchanged: we still sleep together in one bedroom, just with three different beds. We still talk about how our days have been or what mom and dad fought about that day or who has the period and used all the tampons. But because we were used to being together all the time, our closeness did not change. I started to enjoy hanging out with them and and wait at home until they finish school and eat dinner with them. We always laugh about crazy stuff, sing and dance like we are in a concert and nobody’s watching or can hear us. We still fight sometimes like who is much better, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift or the K-pop music. Ha.

Taken 10. years ago during Christmas Eve

Our parents are poor and can only give us what they can. I remember whenever we want something that my parents cannot afford, they always tell us to study hard so we can get good jobs and get good salary and be able to buy and do anything we want. That is why we always dream of finishing school so someday we can buy all the things we want. The three of us started to dream together. We dreamt that someday we will be able to eat out in a fancy restaurant, that we will be able to go out on vacation together and ride a plane and stay in a fancy hotel.

I built my dreams with my sisters and they were there when I was starting my nursing school until I finished it. I remember times when I asked them to help me study and ask me questions about a certain chapter in the book. I asked them to pray for me when I was taking my nursing exams so I’ll be able to be a Registered Nurse so I can work abroad. I still think up to this day, all their prayers helped me passing those exams.

Our holiday photo taken last year in Palawan.
All of us are adults now and have our own jobs. We can finally go for travelling, eat in restaurants, stay in fancy hotels like we used to dream when we were kids.

Of all the people I know the ones who know me the most will be my sisters. Whenever I think about those old times when we fight and cry and hate each other, all it brings back now is laughter. I might have hated having sisters when I was little but now I am very thankful to have them. I felt like they were one of the best part of my childhood and life will be so tedious without them. I thank my parents, especially my mom for always bringing us closer together and now I understand why she did that.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

-Isadora James

Now that I am living abroad, far away from them and have my own room and stuff like I always wished, I often miss my sisters. I miss sleeping with them and having those late night talks. I miss going out with them and planning the weekends. I always think my life abroad will be so much better if they are here because I know they are the family I will always have no matter what life brings. The bond I have with my siblings is always an irreplaceable one.


Five differences being a nurse in the UK from the Philippines

I worked as a nurse in the Philippines for more than 2 years specifically in medical wards and Emergency Department. In 2016, I moved to the UK where I also initially worked in wards before moving to ICU. I would say there are few differences in working as a nurse in both countries aside from the salaries. Here are some of those:

1.Free Training, Seminars and Courses in UK.

This is one of the things I liked the most about working in UK. There’s loads of opportunities for learning and growth provided by the hospitals for free. Going for training and study days are very much encouraged here for nurses to be updated of new policies and practices and to refresh our knowledge. Best part of this; it is not just free but you are also being paid for it as it is included on your working hours!

Whilst it is a must to go for specific trainings in the Philippines like Basic Life Support(BLS), and Venipuncture/Cannulation, we have to pay for those trainings to be completed. I have not experienced going for any courses or seminars for free back home. Some of these are even being deducted from our salary if we have to go for such.

2. In Philippines, we are expected to do and know everything. In UK, we got the whole healthcare team with us.

When I started working in UK, I am so amazed by how many people I have to work with while caring for my patients (the consultants, residents on duty, physiotherapists, dieticians, social worker, occupational therapists, pharmacists, nurse specialists, healthcare assistants, etc). You work as a team with them and you need to know when to refer to them. In the wards, there are also multidisciplinary meetings which happen once or twice per week. This is where the whole healthcare team discuss the plans for patients and decide right away when is the possible discharge date.

In the Philippines, we don’t have all these healthcare team with us. So, most of the time, it will just be you as a nurse, our head nurses, the residents on duty and the consultant. The consultant is the main person to decide what is the plan for patient’s care. Consultants stay in the hospital for less than an hour and visit other hospitals as well. So if there is any problem with our patients, we have to rely on the resident on duty. Sometimes, even the residents are busy and cannot attend right away and so you have to work it out yourself with other nurses. This where your independent nursing skills and judgement gets put to work. You auscultate the patients, do ECG, you put an iv cannula and catheter if needed. You don’t have to be told by doctors to do this if your assessment warrants so. Sometimes we are the one calling and referring the patients to the consultants whenever patients become poorly and thus your assessment skills are very vital.

Personally, I feel more valued as a nurse here in UK as I feel like my voice and opinion regarding my patient’s care is being heard; You are a big part of the team. Speaking up for patient and approaching the doctors about what you think is best for patient’s care and interest isn’t a difficult thing to do, less intimidating and never frowned upon.

3. Nursing in Philippines is very medical. Nursing in UK is very compassionate.

As I have mentioned previously, we have to be knowledgeable medically. Thus even during our nursing school, we are taught to memorise the anatomy and physiology, the different diseases, its signs and symptoms, the medical management and nursing interventions. We are expected to know most of the important drugs and their common effects and interactions. Working as a nurse in the Philippines, you have to work independently. The doctors expects you to know the case of your patient really well. We tend to work more of the clinical side.

In the UK, nursing is not just looking at a patient medically as we have the rest of the healthcare team to help us with that. We are always encouraged to provide a compassionate care not only towards the patients but also for their families. It is very important here to be kind, to respect the wishes and opinions, and to listen and empathise with the patient and the family whilst meeting their needs. You just don’t attend to a patient medically but you also look at them as a whole. You question; how is the mobility? Are the pressure areas intact? How to manage their incontinence? Will they be able to manage at home? Who is going to be looking after them when they are discharged? Is there any safeguarding issues to address? And there are so many more.

4.There is a good work and life balance in UK.

I think this is the best thing that I get from working as nurse here in England. We are required to work only 37.5 hours in a week compared to 48 hours I do in the Philippines. Hence, I am able to get 3-4 days off if I won’t be doing any extra shifts at work. We do 12-hour shifts here so that means you will only be doing either day or night. In the Philippines, I barely can do overtime as I only have 3 days off for 2 weeks since we work there on an 8-hour shift basis. Although this can vary on which hospital you are actually working. Work in the Philippines can either be 6AM-2PM, 2PM-10PM, and 10PM- 6AM. Sometimes, you have to do 12 hours especially if it is understaffed or someone went off sick.

Annual leave is also much better in the UK. I am entitled to 255 hours, or 6-7 weeks of paid annual leave, when I started my nursing career here. Getting the annual leave here isn’t as difficult compared to back home. So planning for holidays is easier and better. In the Philippines, I can only get 5 days of paid leave in my first year of working although additional 2-3 leave days are being given every year.

5. Nursing in UK is the ideal.

I remember when I was in university taking my nursing degree, most of the books we actually used in our nursing subjects are similar to those they use in America. Thus everything we were actually learning in the university is slightly different from what we see in the hospitals. This is understandable because we have very different set up here in the Philippines than in America. There are a lot of things we are lacking here especially in public hospitals thus we have to be resourceful, flexible and adaptable.

When I started to work as a nurse this is still true. We try to maximise all our resources especially that the healthcare in the Philippines is not free and many families don’t have health insurance. Aside from this some facilities are not available in some hospitals like CT Scan, MRI, ABG machines or ICU. Thus many patients have their treatment delayed. Sometimes it also takes a while for some patients to be seen by specialists because of financial issues.

In the UK, I would say, it is very ideal. You see what you actually read in the book. The healthcare is free and they have complete facilities. It is called the National Health Service or NHS. I would say that it is not actually free because a percentage of our salary actually goes here and that is where they get some of the funding for this. NHS have good referral systems between hospitals and their Emergency services are very efficient. Therefore, emergency treatment and procedures are being done right away. Every citizen here gets an equal service, and it doesn’t matter if you are homeless or poor. You will get the same treatment and services that you need like everybody else. There is a standardised guidelines as well in every trust that they follow which are being reviewed and updated every time.

I can only imagine that the citizens in my home country will get the same treatment and services we are giving here in NHS. Even though many people criticise it for its loopholes, I would say, it is not perfect but it is still something to be proud of. It saves a lot of lives, gives excellent care, without you thinking where to get the money or if you’ll lose your house the next day. I can only imagine that Philippines will also treat their nurses like they do here,with proper benefits and salary, where working abroad will not be necessary anymore.

And there you go!

Those are the five main things that differs between the nursing in the Philippines and UK. Of course, all of this is based according to my own experience and my colleagues experiences who worked in different hospitals (Just in case, some of you may have different experience as listed above). Some of you maybe looking to see how different is the salary here compared to the Philippines. Well, I think it is already given that the salary here is better than the latter, so I did not include it on my list anymore. But if you want to know how different it is then keep following this page as I will make another post about that soon!

What are your insights about this topic? Let me know! Comment it below.

To my ‘the One’

Thank you for coming into my life.

Thank you for not stopping on asking me out when we first met.

Thank you for asking me to be your partner in all the dance classes and cooking classes you want to go to.

Thank you for still sticking by with me even I refused to hold your hand before because I’m shy.

Thank you for always waiting for me.

Thank you for accepting the differences in our culture and embracing it like its your own.

Thank you for driving me out and seeing the positivity of living in simple things.

Thank you for letting me see that humanity is not too bad like how it is shown by the media.

Thank you for showing me the beauty of world.

Thank you for taking me to my dream destinations.

Thank you for all your silence and simple hug whenever I become emotional and cry.

Thank you for making me happy by bringing me to my favorite restaurants.

Thank you for driving me to places I never been to.

Thank you for making me see that the place we are living in is not as bad as I thought and I can make my dreams happen.

Thank you for talking to me even I sound senseless at times.

Thank you for keeping up with my ‘what ifs’ in life.

Thank you for being funny especially when Im not expecting you to be.

Thank you for trying to be part of my world, knowing my friends and getting along with them, even it feels different, even it might be hard.

Thank you for getting me back to my feet.

Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend.

Thank you for being my bestfriend.

Thank you for always telling me Im beautiful even I dont feel like I do.

Thank you for every unexpected flowers that never fails to brighten up my day.

Thank you for the unending best days you are giving me.

Thank you for introducing me to your world.

Thank you for being proud of me.

Thank you for accepting and loving my weirdness.

Thank you for respecting my faith and supporting me on it even yours is different.

Thank you for the promise to walk and hold my hand along.

Thank you for being my answered prayer. Thank you for all the love.

Yours truly,

Lucky girl ❤️

Being away from home: How to deal with Homesickness

It has been almost three years since I moved to the UK to work and live and I could say that this is the most life changing decision I’ve ever done. Those three years were not as easy as I thought it would be to start living independently and pay for my own bills. But above of it all, I think homesickness is the hardest part of living away from my family. Looking back from how I was before and how I am doing right now, I can say that somehow I have learned to cope with it. So here are some of the useful tips that I think really worked for me and hopefully will work for others going through homesickness as well.

Be sad. Cry as much as you need.

Like what others says, “Crying is good for the soul” and this is true. You really need those moments where you have to be by yourself and cry while thinking of your family back home. Crying helps to relieve stress and lifts your mood to make you feel better. It somehow lessens the sadness you are feeling and resets your emotions.

Find the friends or community you belong.

I am lucky that I came over to UK with other filipinos who now became my closest friends. We helped and kept each other company when we were just starting our lives in this country. If you moved to a new country all by yourself, it can be more challenging. I would say the best and easiest way to find friends, if not in school or in a workplace, would be to go to places you usually love. Perhaps, if you like going to churches every Sunday, you can do this and you’ll find some groups there that you can join. If you love sports then you can search for clubs or a community that you’ll enjoy. Looking for people who has the same culture as you is a big help too. In my case, I eventually met other filipinos in the hospital I am working and that made me able to find my own friends/community. Looking for the people you can call your family or friends can take a while, but you’ll eventually find them. The best idea is to keep an open mind. This is a good opportunity to join events and activities you always put off in the past.

These are the group of filipinos I came over with to UK. We used to live near each other before and still celebrate special occasions together. They became my home away from home.
My flatmates that I consider my family here.

Look for a hobby.

You need to do whatever it is you enjoy doing back home. When I started living here, the only thing I would do was watch Netflix and filipino shows. I can’t play guitar or go for biking because I don’t have any of those. Later on I decided to buy both the guitar and the bike. So when I feel sad and lonely I have more ways to spend my day and have the chance to better myself and go outside to meet others. Eventually, I found playing Xbox, writing this blog and travelling as my new hobbies. Learning new things can be fun too, which I didn’t realize until my boyfriend booked those classes for us! I didn’t know how to cook before so we went for cooking classes. I love dancing, so he looked and booked for dance classes we can join. We even did ice-skating classes in winter. These things that I realise that I could have done before when I was feeling down. This is a very good way of letting yourself grow while at the same time socialising with other people too. Remember that you need to live the life and enjoy it. Crying helps but doing it everyday can be unhealthy.

Travel, travel, travel!

I know travelling can be very expensive. But to be honest, this is one of the best things that helped with my homesickness. I found it really fun being away from the place I am living, meeting other people of different cultures and going to places I haven’t seen. It gives me reason why I have to work aside from just helping my family back home and pay for my bills. It may sound cliché but it helps me to wake up every morning with something to look forward to. It is expensive but for me it is worth it. Travelling will make you realise that there’s more to life, to see and experience. Even if you only travel your new country, you will discover so much about the place you now live and the people in it.

Weekend trip taken in Amsterdam.

Find the workplace you think suits you the most.

I worked as an ER nurse in Philippines, however when I moved here in UK, I was assigned to a different area. I know to myself that it was not the place that I know my skills fit but I still tried to enjoy it. I worked there for a year but I always find myself sad and disappointed with the care I am giving to my patients. I always feel like I was not the kind of nurse I knew before. Eventually, I finally decided to transfer to the area where I think I’ll mostly enjoy. And that is where I am now. It has been more than a year as a neuro ICU nurse now. Not every day is a good day; it is still quite a tough, heavy and busy job at times but I am happier with the care I am giving to the patients. I don’t feel that kind of sadness I used to feel before. So for me, if the place you are working makes you unhappy most of the time, you really need to move and find somewhere where you think you’ll fit in. It will make a massive difference.

Friends at work that make me feel I’m just working like back home when I am with them

Be with your loved ones.

Eventually, you’ll need to be with your loved ones. If you have to go and visit your family back home, then do it. Save for it and do it. Talk to them as much as you need. If video calling or messaging them makes you happier and lessen your longingness with them, then do it. In my case, it sometimes makes me sadder when I do it often especially on special occasions. I remember there was a time when I was in a good mood but after the video call I just cried and wished I can be with them. So talking to them lesser works for me better. Some people I know bring their husband/wives or boyfriend/girlfriend to live with them and that makes them more settled in the new country they are living. Each of us needs to love and feel loved. In my case, I am lucky I found my special someone here who is always there for me and makes me happy whenever I feel sad. He is such an annoying person as well so I think that counts for me to feel less homesick.

Coping with homesickness may vary from person to person. Moving to a place where you don’t have family, have a different culture and language from yours can make you feel alone and estranged most of the time. It can lead to depression if you won’t be able to manage it well. Glad that I somehow overcome it. I still feel homesick sometimes, but I guess I am managing it better now. Have you also experienced being homesick? Let me know how you deal with it. I would love to hear it. Comment it below 🙂

Best Holiday Destination: Santorini

From its white houses and blue domes to its clear blue skies and amazing beaches, Santorini is indeed a perfect holiday destination for everyone. Best for couples for a romantic getaway, family and friends or solo-travellers who loves to see beautiful landscapes. With its picturesque scenery, you’ll definitely have to include this island in Greece on you travel bucket lists. And so, we are here to tell you travel tips and things to do in to make Santorini one of your best holidays.

Booking a Cheap Flight

Getting a cheap flight is one of the crucial part of travelling. Luckily, Michael has been part of the Jack’s Flight Club where  he was able to get the return direct flight from Newcastle(U.K) to Santorini for only £70 via Thomas Cook. However, since we were planning to go to Italy after Santorini, we just paid £35 for a one-way ticket which usually costs like £200 – £500. So we really saved a lot.

Best Month To Visit Santorini

Many travellers advised that the best time to visit Santorini will be April to November as this is the part of the year when the weather is nice and warm with a very little chance of rain. However, we have to remember that June or July is the hottest month in Santorini where temperature can get up to more than 30 degrees Celsius and the also the peak season for tourists as this is their summer season.

We went to Santorini in mid-September and the weather is beautiful! Bright and sunny days with temperature from 19 to 26 degrees celsius. We didn’t experience rainfall until the last day of our stay (where we were heading to the airport), so it didn’t really bother us. However, if hiking is one of the things you are planning to do (which I would say a must) in Santorini, I would advise to better avoid the summer as it will be really hot!

The view from Hotel Atlanta. Wouldn’t you be excited to hike this place if you get to see more of this?

Where to Stay in Santorini

We chose to stay our 4-nights in Karterados which is near the Main Street. We are near the bus stops, shops, and easy access to anywhere we want to go in Santorini as it is in the centre. We paid £90 per night for a double room which is quite a good price as we just booked it a month before our planned travel.

One thing about Santorini is that hotels can be expensive depending on the place and month you are staying. Usually the best hotels or apartments that are located in Oia, which gives you the most beautiful sunset view, are the most expensive ones. It can go from £200- £800 per night. Although, you’ll be able to find a really good but affordable hotels, studios, apartment or Air bnb if you plan and book it two or three months earlier. Remember that hotels with beautiful views, even though it is expensive, can get full easily especially on peak season so you better book and plan your holiday ahead of time.

Why Hiking in Santorini is a Must

We planned to hike from Thira to Oia on our first day in Santorini. Our hotel is not really very far from the place where we should start the hike which is in the Hotel Atlanta. Just starting from this point, you will already have a beautiful view of the island which made both of us mesmerised.

They said that trail may take 4-6 hours. But we chose to chill and enjoy the view as long as we will reach Oia before sunset. Anyway, we had the whole day ahead for us to see everything.

There are two ways you can go for hiking. First, you could go to Oia in a very early morning and witness the sunrise then hike all the way to the Thira. Or you can do what we did, where you can hike from Thira then witness the popular sunset view in Oia. The question is which one you prefer: Sunrise or Sunset?

The main thing of this hike is you’ll see the beautiful Caldera. You’ll also enjoy the shops that you’ll pass by as you walk along. There also plenty of restaurants to try which gives you a romantic and amazing view while enjoying your greek cuisines!

Us in the beautiful Caldera.

Greek Cuisines usually involve pasta, salads, fish, meats, cheese, lemons, olives and herbs. Prices are not too expensive and are reasonable. Like in this restaurant we dined in, we only paid around €30 for 2 cuisines and drinks. A good price for having this romantic view and really good food. This is one of best dinners we had and one that we always remember.

We’re lucky that there’s not many people dining in that time and were able to get a good seat with a beautiful view.

The Most Beautiful Sunset in Oia. I never fell in love with a sunset until we saw this one in Oia. To see this most famous sunset in the world is definitely a bucket list. After almost 7 hours of hiking, we were able to reach Oia just before sunset. We went to the castle area which is the popular spot which is usually very busy but you’ll only be able to see the sunset over the ocean here. We decided to go to the other side of Oia where the shot below was taken. This is a much better spot with less people and you get to see the sunset over the village lighting up the white houses.

The sunset looks so unreal in person and will make you love and appreciate the beauty of Greece. This is definitely worth the hike.

Aside from this amazing sunset view, Oia is also a georgous little village, with its churches and castle. You can also enjoy shopping and dining in restaurants around. This is also where you can find the Blue domes for which Santorini is popular.

As we finally arrive in Oia after hiking for seven hours.

Transport going back from Oia to Thira/Fira can be quite difficult at this time after sunset. Remember that this is a major tourist destination here in Santorini. Taxi will be very difficult to find. Bus is the only transport available and you have to be prepared for a very long queue, waiting time and possibility of you standing inside the bus. The journey is 30 minutes and fare is only €2 per person. Getting a private transport from your hotel can be the easiest way possible for you to get home. Many hotels offer this in Santorini as they know that transport is usually a problem although this can be quite expensive. Like in our experience, we paid around €40 going back to our hotel from Oia.

Santorini Boat Trip

On our second day, we decided to go for a boat tour to explore the other islands in Santorini. We booked our bout tour via which costs us around £60 for the ‘Volcanic Island Cruise’. There are various kinds of trips and tours available online so you can choose easily whatever you like and suits your budget.

One good thing about this tour is that we get round trip transfer from our hotel place so it is definitely hassle free. The coach will then take you to the boat which will let you see more of the beauty of Thira while on a cruise. First stop is the Nea Kameni Island which is known for its volcanic origin. From here, you’ll be hiking until you reach the top and get near to the volcanic crater.

Make sure to wear your comfortable shoes suitable for hiking as climbing Nea Kameni is really rocky and can be steep. You definitely want to enjoy and feel safe while hiking this beautiful place.

From the top, you’ll enjoy the beauty of Caldera whilst learning more from the tour guides about the historical beauty of Santorini which makes this tour a really must to do in Santorini.

While hiking to the top of the volcano with other people from different boat tours.
Amazing view from the top of the volcano.

After this, you’ll head back to the boat and it will take you to the hot springs which you’ll be able to enjoy as you swim into the warm water. This part of the tour is really relaxing . However, if you don’t know how to swim or not confident about it, better to stay in the boat and just enjoy watching as the water is really deep.

After the fun and relaxing hot spring, the tour will then take you to Thirasia for lunch. Another beautiful island in Santorini which has various cool restaurants along the resort. If you love seafoods(like us), you’ll definitely like this place cause the food is great and fresh. You’ll be able to enjoy having a meal while enjoying the breathtaking view of this island. You can also go up the mountainside to the higher elevation which has more restaurants than at the bottom and a better view.

Restaurants in Thirasia.

View of the Thirasia Island while on the boat.

The last bit of the trip will then take you to the Oia. This involves another climbing of stairs more than 200 steps! There is an option for you to pay and get a donkey halfway of the climb which costs £5. However, we chose to just climb instead of getting a ride from a donkey as it looks really cruel and sad seeing the donkey carrying the tourists in the hot weather. Instead, we just enjoy the climb together.

This part of the tour is really good for the tourists who has not visited Oia and wanting to see the popular sunset view without hiking, like we did. We kinda find it good for us as well cause at least we will be able to see the sunset for the second time around and more time for us to go around Oia. Afterwards, a bus can take you back to your hotel after the sunset so you won’t have the problem of transportation.

Visit the beaches!

There are plenty of popular beaches in the Santorini, but the one that makes us really interested is the Red Beach which is located in Akrotiri.

On our third day, we decided to be more relaxed (without any climbing this time) and rent a buggy to go to Akrotiri. There are many places where you can rent a buggy. This can be really expensive depending on the kind of buggy you want. For us, we paid £100 to rent the buggy until 6pm.

If you don't fancy renting a buggy, but still want to go to Akrotiri, there are buses available that go to that place so you don't have to worry. Although, renting a buggy and driving around the Santorini is so cool and fun and it gives you more freedom to stop and see anywhere you want on this island.

Parking is not a problem in Santorini and most of them are free. As you walk your way to the Red beach, you have to climb this very steep and and rocky part of the mountain. Bear in mind to be extra careful and wear a proper shoes to keep yourself safe during the hike. This climb will only take you around 5 minutes and you’ll be able to reach the Red Beach.

Climbing the mountain on the way to the Red Beach.

Because of its interesting, amazing color and scenic view, Red Beach become a popular destination and here in Santorini and can be very crowded especially in summer.

Swimming in the Red Beach is possible and it is very clean. However unlike any other beaches which have fine sand, this one is rocky and walking in bare feet can be painful so you have to wear your slippers. You’ll still surely enjoy this beautiful and one of a kind beach in Santorini wether you love to swim or just want to sit on the beach chair and relax on the coast. We also found out that snorkelling is also possible here but we decided to just relax as it will be our last day. But, if you have enough time and money, it will be a good experience to try the snorkelling here.

Aside from Red beach, there are also what they call as the black beach in Perissa and Kamari; and the white beach which is located in the southern side of Santorini which can only be accessed via boat from the Red beach. 

More Activities in Santorini

In our three days in Santorini, we can say that it is enough for us to enjoy the beauty of the island, see the important places and tick all the must-dos. However if you still have more time ( and money, of course! ), these are the other things we think you can do in Santorini (which we also thought of doing):

  • Try the Greek Night Out – they said that this one of the must things to do here but we were not able to try as we ran out of time.
  • The Kamari’s open air cinema
  • Do the Wine tasting tour
  • Go for Greek cooking classes
  • See the Santorini while riding a cable car (Thira port cliffside)

We always think Santorini is the most romantic place we have been and really a different place compared to other countries in Europe. It has its own beauty that will surely capture your heart. You definitely have to try visit this wonderful island and understand why it is the best holiday destination.